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Queen’s Realty 🏡🏘

Queen's RealtySoundEagleFrom all the team members at Queen’s Realty,
we wish you a prosperous 2013!

Click here to learn more about Queen's Realty

Welcome to Queen’s Realty!

Click here to learn more about Queen's Realty
Email 電郵: Click to E-mail Tina tinaqueensrealty@gmail.com
Phone 電話: 0400 366 158
Address 地址: PO Box 8043
Sunnybank QLD 4109 Australia


Queen’s Realty

is a one-stop investment company for careful investors wanting safe and stable Queensland investment opportunities:

Unlike high-risk investment advisors, Queen’s Realty focuses exclusively on quality property investment opportunities that will position you well for a comfortable and safe lifestyle in a growing Australian state.

Overall, Queen’s Realty is a Brisbane-based real estate agent offering Commercial, Business and Residential Property Solutions.

  •  Mission Statements 任務陳述 
    • To act as a real estate agent for local investors in the best interest of both buyers and sellers.
    • To assist overseas investors wishing to invest in Queensland business, commercial and residential properties via purchasing, renting or redeveloping property, and via arrangements with lawyers, architects, construction engineers, project managers and/or other parties.
  •  Services 服務 
    • Our personalised, multilingual service and network ensure that clients are given ongoing assistance and support to achieve their goals.
    • Languages spoken include English 英語, Mandarin 國語(普通話), Cantonese 廣東話, Vietnamese 越南話, and Chaozhou (Teochew) 潮州話.


  1. 為本地投資者代理房地產,替買賣雙方獲取最佳利益。
  2. 為海外投資者尋找優質回報物業,提供一條龍服務,購買、出租、再發展、安排律師、建築師等等項目。

澳大利亞昆州房地產公司主持人何小姐 Tina Ha 自1980年移民澳洲,由於曾任職多個行業,人脈關係極廣,而且為人誠信兼備,真心待客。 每當客戶朋友委託辦事,何小姐必定盡心盡力,務求達到最佳效益。


Having immigrated to Australia in 1980 and served in a variety of industries, Queen’s Realty‘s host Ms Tina Ha has wide connections. She is honest, sincere, hospitable and dedicated towards clients and friends to achieve the best results in work delegated or commissioned.

Ms Tina Ha is customer-oriented, cordial and fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Chaozhou and English.


One comment on “Queen’s Realty 🏡🏘

  1. It will be interesting to see how the coronavirus pandemic impacts real estate values. There are already indications that thousands are moving out of the cities. I hope you are safe and well, SoundEagle. Wishing you all the best, A. 🙂

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