🦅 SoundEagle in Art and Poetry ðŸ“œ


26 comments on “🦅 SoundEagle in Art and Poetry ðŸ“œ

  1. light and wonderful! The graphics are beautiful and go so well with your poem 🙂


  2. Hello SoundEagle,
    I love what you have done with Gypsy Delight.. 🙂
    The graphics have a sort of ’70s look, which suits the “bohemian”-style verse.

    Are you interested in your readers developing this poem further? Oh well, it’s just a thought: “Interactive or collaborative poetry” —you and I have tried it in the past with some success. Well, congrats on your fabulous website and keep wowing us with your content!


    • SoundEagle and SeaTurtle rhyme with each other!

      Thank you, SeaTurtle, for the encouragement and compliment. As for your question, there is undeniable poetic passion and vision in you that will undoubtedly warm and fill the hearts of readers through “Interactive or collaborative poetry”.

      By the way, Bill Forest somehow located and befriended SoundEagle on Facebook. He still remembers you.


  3. Love the design and the poem. They really go well together 🙂


  4. (Reposting this from elsewhere..)
    “Swirls of Gypsy Delight..”

    This first phrase is one of my favourite “word-bites/bytes.” Forgive me if I sound overly exuberant when I say that I consider the whole four-line verse a masterpiece, SoundEagle. I don’t offer praise for verse easily. I enjoy this poem because of its originality and imaginative word collocations.

    “Swirls” (a “luscious” word in itself that rolls in your mouth..) “Gypsy Delight” (conveys all the beauty, power and freedom of Art). And rich, bohemian pleasure.. You cannot tell if the poet is male or female.. Does the poem have a title SoundEagle? Do poems need titles anyway? This might be an interesting discussion point..

    The artwork that accompanies the poem is worthy of a separate critique… well done! Thank you for sharing it all in such a beautiful format. Many, many thanks for your dedication.. hugs,Turtle.


    • SoundEagle is gypsy-delighted by your exuberant praise and hugs, whilst revelling in the imagery of indulgence, the swirls of smooth chocolates and luscious satins, the absence of boundaries and stereotypes affording freedom and androgyny, via which there could be more room for transcendental truth and beauty.

      This poem probably could do without a title. Enthusiastic readers can supply whatever title(s) that they deem to be commensurate with their nature and fancy. Besides, it would seem that anyone of the four lines in the verse could be a title, though the first line, or simply “Gypsy Delight”, might arguably be the best candidate. Do you agree?


      • I do agree on “Gypsy Delight” being a good title. That is what I call the poem anyhow.

        But I especially like the option of allowing each reader to assign the title that best suits their mood, inclination or fancy. In other words having no titles affords the readers this freedom. Artistic, spiritual and social FREEDOM is what this poem means to me… and that is why I love it.


      • Well put, SeaTurtle! SoundEagle is simultaneously enthralled and touched by both the validity and vitality of your sensitivity towards those categories of FREEDOM, even when such FREEDOM seems to have been well encapsulated or reflected by the diminutive stature and brevity of an untitled, illustrated poem.


  5. That’s very creative. Nice work! 🙂


  6. You have some awesome graphics on your site and the background template rocks. Did you do it yourself? TY for the LIkes on my blog… much appreciated.


  7. I’m enthralled with your blog and your amazing artistry.


  8. Wow, that is so beautiful!


  9. Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. This particular post is so lovely, and quite stirring. I look forward to exploring more of your work.


    • Welcome, Lillian! Thank you for visiting this multidisciplinary and multimedia website, and for your compliment. Since you “look forward to exploring more…”, you will definitely encounter numerous unusual features and pleasant surprises when you frequent other posts and pages! For those who have a playful or adventurous streak, your patience with wading through posts and pages will be rewarded by music and video as well as interactive games, puzzles and animations, all of which await your discovery and enjoyment.


  10. Very nice and cleverly constructed. Thank you K.W. I loved it!!

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