🦅 SoundEagle’s Poetry with Enigma’s Goodbye Milky Way 🌌💫✨

Mission is over, mission is done,
I will miss you, children of the sun.
Now it’s time to go away,
Goodbye, goodbye Milky Way!

In five billion years,
The Andromeda galaxy will collide with our Milky Way,
A new gigantic cosmic world will be born…

I look in your eyes 👁
No more goodbyes 👋
When shall we begin 🕰
To meet again 🕺🏻🚶🏻‍♀️

One Day We’ll Fly Away ✈️
Say Goodbye to Milky Way 🌌
What more is there on Earth for us 🌏
When our story stays with us 🏕
Why live on as human beings 👫
And dread the way 🤦‍♂️
Our bodies age 👩‍🚀

One Day We’ll Fly Away ✈️
Travelling Far from Milky Way 🌌
What more our love could do for us 💑
When our lives are through with us 💞
Let’s aim for infinity 💫✨
To boldly go 🚀
Where spacetime ends 🎇

One Day We’ll Fly Away ✈️
From Milky Way 🌌

One Day We’ll Fly Away

SoundEagle Milky Way

52 comments on “🦅 SoundEagle’s Poetry with Enigma’s Goodbye Milky Way 🌌💫✨

  1. Your poems are absolutely delightful! I have never really been one to read poems too much, but yours really sing to me. They’re written very well, you can feel the emotion that is behind them, plus you can tell they came from a deeper understanding of life. I still have more to read on your blog, I just wanted to tell you this before I move on!

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    • Your comments are highly appreciated, Clint. SoundEagle would like to commend you upon your observation that SoundEagle‘s poems really sing to you. Perhaps it can thus be inferred or concluded that your realisation that SoundEagle‘s poems are musical is a good reflection or indication of your musicality, or of your sensitivity towards music. Indeed, you might be surprised to learn from SoundEagle that it is possible to sing SoundEagle‘s poem as shown above, word by word and syllable by syllable, to the music of another known song, replacing its original lyrics. Do you known which song that is?

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  2. It was my pleasure! I have a very strong sensitvity to music actually, i have a lot of strong emotional attachments to the way it is written, and also the way it sounds of course. What song would that be?

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  3. I will return to this with my phone that has video and sound…but the lyrics are perhaps prophetic.

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  4. Wild Love

    galaxies merge

      • Let’s not even be earth-bound, for I rather meet you and I somewhere out there in space, on another planet in a different galaxy or even universe, in a transcended existence unbounded by our limited, fragile mind and body . . . .

        In any case, your essay seems to be a self-critique or stocktaking of your life.

        Should the opportunity and momentous occasion arise, hesitate not, Tincup. Take my hand, and come with me (and some aliens) to a never-ending intergalactic or interuniversal travel and discovery . . . . .

    • SoundEagle…this intergalactic or interuniversal travel and discovery would be one hell of an enriching experience would it not? Us mere mortals can only imagine it at special places and points in our lives…and then gravity throws us back down into the thick of human self-absorption. So rare is it that our humankind look up, or down…mostly we look at each other and all we make and do. It is for this reason that I adhere to Robinson Jeffers’ emphasis on “Inhumanism”…taking a broader perspective beyond human concerns.

      Yes, this is a self-critique…but by its very nature…it is also a critique of the human momentum. I have done a self-critique in writing before…but this one is an attempt to move forward..to get out of circular reference…to get out of the cage and roam now and again.

      • Take my hand
        I’m a stranger from Milky Way
        All lost in the universe
        A stranger who flies away
        If I flew starry-eyed
        That’s a danger from Milky Way
        For mortals who stand beside
        Andromeda like you

    • I will take your hand SoundEagle…and we will fly ahead with two flaming swords :-)

      I will be over to your site my friend. I have two computers…one with no sound…one that has problems with video..and a phone that is fine but costs money to watch long videos etc….otherwise I would have been over to visit your site. See you soon…when I fix these technical issues…lol.

      • Won’t you answer the fervent prayer
        Of a stranger from Milky Way
        Don’t send me in dark despair
        From all that I hunger for
        But open your Tincup’s arms
        To SoundEagle from Milky Way
        And tell me
        That I need be
        A stranger no more

      • LOL…SoundEagle…you are not alone…and never were…my arms, ears, eyes, mind…and heart…are wide open to spirits such as yours.

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  8. Hi there!
    I swear I hadn’t read this when I named my blog or made that comment. However, I must say that it’s really surprising to see how much our thoughts correlate. It’s a beautifully written poetry with a captivating line of thoughts!
    Thank you.

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    • Thank you, ChanterChar, for visiting this special post and for providing encouraging feedback here.

      You are invited to visit again as SoundEagle would like to present you with the substantially improved stylized contents along with at least four new videos. Please enjoy!

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  9. I always loved Adiemus, now I’ll have to search out more of Enigma’s music. Thanks for reminding me of their beautiful sound.

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  11. Beautiful written and lyrics are lovely

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  12. I have finally arrived SE – happy now? 🙂 I came, I saw, I left a comment …:))))

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  14. I love your poem and Enigma, too … Thank you for sharing so much beauty, sensitivity, delicacy and music! ❤
    I have nominated you for the Awesome Impact Award. Participation is voluntary. You can find details here:
    All the best to you,

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  15. There’s a pulse to your poetic message. An emotion of such…the travel beyond the galaxy, seeing every billions of stars shine, and yet…poetry is the healing of our heart and spirit.

    I truly love this so much and including the Milky way videos. Bless you my friend. 🙂 And thank you for stopping by and reading my work. I know you’ve been liking my work for some time now. Thank you. Hope to read more of your work.

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  16. That milky way visual is fascinating!

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  19. My dearest friend SoundEagle,

    I sometimes listen to Enigma’s music and songs but I’ve never herd about this one. I found “Goodbye Milky Way” so magical, mystical and amazing. It harmonizes wonderfully with your poetry. I love your poems. I enjoyed them so much. I feel like they aren’t only about about leaving the Earth and starting to live in another galaxy. It also sounds like life after life to me.I’m a Christian so it sounds like life after life to me as well. When human life ends on earth, life in the afterlife begins.So someday all people will leave this world without exception.So it’s inevitable. It’s so very important to prepare for this case.My wife has already left this world. But I can feel her presence so clearly. I feel it in my soul.Your poetry fits perfectly with my soul. Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your stunning post and read your miraculous poems. I’m so grateful to you.
    Best wishes!

    Yours sincerely,
    Polski Ryś

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