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Coming of Age

Only the strong and sincere can bear hardship and turmoil.
Only the wise, not the valiant, can know righteousness and cherish benevolence.
Infinity Piano Sonatas <br/> <p>SoundEagle</p> <p>

All pieces are original compositions produced and recorded by SoundEagle🦅, except those in the Classical album, which are well-known classical music adapted, played and recorded by SoundEagle🦅.

27 comments on “🦅 SoundEagle Exploring Classicism, Transcendence, Reminiscence and Infinity via Art, Music and Compositions ðŸ–¼ðŸŽ¼ðŸ“œ

  1. It’s so nice to another musician here on wordpress…

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  2. I left out the word Find…lol

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    • Hi Mr Michael (Red Crow) Mulholland, your sentence is still grammatically acceptable either way! Therefore, SoundEagle would like to thank you for both being nice to, and finding, another musician here on WordPress.

      On finding the opportunity to visit your blog, reading your posts, admiring your photos and listening to your music, SoundEagle realizes what a range of talents and interests you have! Of your music, and going by the adage that “only a tradesperson knows another tradesperson”, SoundEagle can conclude here that all things being equally considered, those songs in the country music genre seem to be of a higher calibre and better conceived than the ones in the hard rock vein, which are in themselves quite effectively presented and dramatically structured. In any case, they are all very well-produced, and deserve many loyal fans.


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  5. Hey I tried to listen to your music on myspace but it doesn’t work ! please fix the problem or upload it here thank you !

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  6. Beautiful. ❤ Clare de Lune and Swan Lake happen to be two of my favorites. Different though they are from one another, both are evocative. Music truly touches the soul. The piano is an exceptionally expressive instrument.

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  7. I am always astonished by your creativity and your graphic arts skills, SoundEagle!!! They far exceed my own. You need not have gone to such trouble on my account. But I am deeply touched. Music is a language that crosses all barriers. Your touching tribute to Khai and Khim could not be more appropriate. The fact you have included Khai’s performance on the organ brings tears to my eyes. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  8. I could listen to some of this music endlessly. Thank you, SoundEagle. 🙂

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  9. SE, Are you a musician? Is this you playing Clair de Lune? if so…well done. Very. – And thanks for the “follow.” Barking shall always endeavor to inform, anger, and amuse. continue…

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  10. enjoyed getting into the Quint-Palin-Drone Piano Sonata’s. I like meditative 7-10 minute pieces, the way you manage the minor moods in your Piano arrangements is really cool.

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