🐥 Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective ğŸ°ğŸ£ğŸ‡ğŸ¤

SoundEagle and Easter
Easter in Perspective

Regardless of your level of religiosity or secularity, irrespective of the complex origins and unresolved questions about Easter, and in spite of the ongoing interplay of commerce, tradition and mythology, SoundEagle hopes that you have had many wonderful, joyous and meaningful moments during Easter holidays in the past, present and future, and that you have already begun to find inventive ways to celebrate or commemorate this annual occasion with not just Easter bunnies, chicks and chocolate eggs, but also less materialistic pursuits that convey, reveal, encourage or highlight certain spiritual, historical, artistic and/or retrospective dimensions.

The pluralistic experiences offered to you right here in this entertaining multimedia post comprise beautiful presentations of Text Art, Photos, Videos, Computer & Web Graphics, as well as Games and Animations, many instances of which exemplify the malleability, permeability and cross-fertilization of ideas and cultures, whose fecundity, fluidity and visibility are often facilitated and enhanced by potent rendering tools and social media.

Under these scenarios, Easter has increasingly become a creative, thematic conduit through which fusion, experimentation, appropriation and transformation flow, and where reinterpreting, repurposing, recycling and reinventing can freely combine contrasting or opposing elements from the real and the imaginative, the mundane and the exotic, as well as the secular and the religious, the artistic and the scientific. Not surprisingly, many traditionally straightforward hobbies and hitherto simple pastimes have taken on more heterogeneous characteristics as they intermingle with other domains and interests, becoming more infused with the purviews of other fields and disciplines.

For example, those of you who are interested, inspired and creatively inclined may gather your favourite and most attractive (flowering) plants, bring them indoor or outdoor to enliven a particular space or corner by decorating and/or surrounding them with Easter gifts, souvenirs, memorabilia, jewellery, decor(ations), ornaments, plush toys and so on. Take photos or videos, then process and upload them to your choice of social media or social group, such as the Queensland Orchid International Facebook Group as a way of celebrating Easter in a modern multimedia perspective.

Queensland Orchid International Happy Easter (2)
Easter History

History’s “Bet You Didn’t Know” web series focuses on some of history’s little known facts.

Can also be viewed at history.com/topics/bet-you-didnt-know/videos#bet-you-didnt-know-easter-traditions
Easter Egg Animation

3D animated eggs seamlessly transition from one movie character to another.

The motion graphics are tightly timed up to an upbeat cinematic orchestral score provided by Imagem Production Music
Easter 2012

Kilogramme’s Easter card for 2012, designed and directed by Sam Jones.

Music by Paul Honey & Gordon Campbell — thecomposerworks.com
Enjoy the Sweets

Meet Sunny and Steve, the charming characters brought to life by MPC NY in a light-hearted short film written and directed under one roof by in-house talent Bill Dorais and Ty Coyle – just in time for Easter. The short film tells a humorous tale of an office worker as he struggles with a protective, seemingly innocent bunny on a quest for sweets.

To find out more, check out: moving-picture.com/work/mpc-shorts-sunny-and-steve-enjoy-the-sweets
Easter Golf
Swing World
3D Pink Rabbit
Embed from Getty Images
Easter Text Art
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░.(¯ `•.|/.•´¯)'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░ (_.•´/|`•._)(¯ `•.|/.•´¯)'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░ ░ (_.:._)░░(¯ `•.(۞).•´¯)'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░░ ░(¯`:´¯)░(_.•´/|`•._)'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░.(¯ `•.|/.•´¯)░(_.:._) ))'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░ (¯ `•.(۞).•´¯) ░░♫░░░░'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░░(_.•´ /|`•._)♥___(\__/) (\_ /)'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`░♥░░(_.:.__)♥░░♥( = ‘.’ )( ‘.’= )'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`•°*”˜҈.•°*”˜҈░░ ♥”)__(”) (”)_(”)_(”)'*°•.✿.¸.•°*`
•°*''*°•.✿.¸.•°*`¯`*•.¸.✿.•°*' ✿ ❤ HAPPY EASTER ❤ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ. ☆★ . ✿.¸.•°*`
*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.¤⁀⌢.*.⌢.¤*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.¤⁀⌢.*.⌢.¤
           ,dP" '       `"Qb,
        ,d88buP"         "Qud88b,
       dP"  8'  . .     . .   `8   ."Qb
       dP" . : :8 _ :. @ ; _  ;@ . : _ 8: : . "Qb
      ,8' .: :dP"     `. '      ."Qb: : ..`8,
      dP . : ::8(     `--^--'      )8:: : . .Qb
      8' : : :: "Qba , . . ,     , . . , .adP" :: : :`8
      .,8 : : : : : : ,p`" "      " " ' .q , : : : : :: 8,
      ,d' .: : : : : ,d'           `b, : : : : :. `b
     ,d' . : : : : ::d '            `b:: : : : :. `b
     ,d' q888q8b.,8   ,p     q,    8,d8p888p `b
     d' d",  ; `b,   8,      ,8    ,d' ;  ,"b `b
     8 8 ` `  `b,  `b,     ,d'    ,d'  '  ' 8 8
     q, `b,    `b  a88a. .a88a    d'    .,d' , p
     `q, `b,    8   8 . 8     8'    ,d"  , p '
     `"Q888`b,  ` Q8888P " " Q8888P '    ,d'888P" '
          "Q888P"        "Q888P""
*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.¤⁀⌢.*.⌢.¤*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.*.⌢.¤⁀ *.⌢.¤⁀⌢.*.⌢.¤
▒▐█▒▐█ ▄▀▄ █▀▄ █▀▄ ▀▄░▄▀▒▐█▀▀ ▄▀▄ ▄▀▀ ▀█▀ █▀▀ █▀▀▄
▒▐████ █▀█ █░█ █░█ ░░█░░▒▐█▀▀ █▀█ ░▀▄ ░█░ █▀▀ █▐█▀
▒▐█▒▐█ ▀░▀ █▀░ █▀░ ░░▀░░▒▐█▄▄ ▀░▀ ▀▀░ ░▀░ ▀▀▀ ▀░▀▀
Easter Poem


Where did all the chocolate go?
I had so much last week
But now I cannot find it
No matter where I seek?

It seems strange that it is gone
There was a plentiful supply
But it’s nowhere to be seen
And I really don’t know why

Ok I did eat some of it
Back on Easter Sunday
And I consumed a little more
During Bank Holiday Monday

And yes I might have had some
On Tuesday after lunch
And a delightful bit of Easter Egg
On Wednesday I did munch

But on Thursday there was plenty left
I know because I had some
And though I tried hard to abstain
On Friday I did succumb

But I hadn’t finished all of it
As Saturday was dawning
So I might have had a smidgen
To see me through the morning

But now it seems to have all gone
What has become of it?
And here’s another mystery
My trousers don’t now fit!

James Proclaims

Click here to Play “Coding for Carrots” in Celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding.

20 comments on “🐥 Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective ğŸ°ğŸ£ğŸ‡ğŸ¤

  1. […] Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective (soundeagle.wordpress.com) […]


  2. […] Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective (soundeagle.wordpress.com) […]


  3. […] Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective (soundeagle.wordpress.com) […]


  4. Really beautiful….🙂🤗

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  5. What an eggstravaganza!!!! :))) Happy Easter, SoundEagle.

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  6. Another EGGcellent post, SoundEagle 😉
    … gotta ❤ that 3D pink rabbit! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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  7. Your graphics are always lovely. Sadly, in this instance, they overshadow the spiritual meaning of Easter.

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  8. Excellent post, SoundEagle!
    I hadn’t considered Easter in such a secular sense as a melting pot for culture, ideas, and traditions. It is indeed a chance for culture to merge and evolve. It’s always nice when our festivities take on this mantle for newness and growth!

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  9. Nice idea sharing. 🙂

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  10. Virtual celebrations may be our spiritual enhancement! ❤️❤️☕️☕️

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  11. Please follow me back 🙏


  12. I could not help but return to this joyful post, SoundEagle. For Christians, Easter has spiritual significance beyond any other day on the calendar. We believe that Christ rose from the dead to restore the relationship between God and man damaged by sin. May God’s love surround you. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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