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Khim Looking Her Best in Colour (1955)

Khim Looking Her Best in Colour (1955)

Khim Looking Her Best in Colour (1955)

When Khim, her mother and siblings were living on Irvin Road (愛民路) from 1955 to 1957, her fourth brother (温墉京) and his friends jointly opened a photo studio called Jazz Photo Studio (爵士影室) at 11 Gladstone Road, Penang, where Khim and her sister (温燕京) had two or three photography sessions, one of which produced the photo on the right, which her fourth brother enlarged and hand-coloured, as colour photos were not yet readily available. He hung this enlarged photo of Khim and the one of Khim’s mother as seen in the preceding paired photos under the corresponding lamps of identical design on the opposite walls of the living room of the abovementioned rented house at 16 Phuah Hin Leong Road, Penang. The following is Khim’s account extracted from her long essay entitled “Family Stories (家庭故事)”.

在這個時期,墉哥和朋友合股在五盞登路開了一間照相館,名叫爵士照相館。 我和燕妹曾到照相館去拍過兩三次照片,其中我有一張拍得很好,墉哥把相片放大,塗上顏色,因為那時還沒有彩色相片。 墉哥把母親和我的放大相片,分別掛在潘興隆路家裡客廳的牆壁上。 當我移民到澳洲的時候,便把那張相片帶去澳洲。

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