Chinese Caligraphy and Art by SoundEagle (疾風知勁草 昏日辨誠臣 勇夫安識義 智者必懷仁)

Chinese Caligraphy and Art by SoundEagle (疾風知勁草 昏日辨誠臣 勇夫安識義 智者必懷仁)

Only the strong and sincere can bear hardship and turmoil.
Only the wise and valiant can know righteousness and cherish benevolence.

Chinese Calligraphy and Art by SoundEagle🦅ೋღஜஇ on this Special Date of 11-11-㉉㉉

Calligrapher: 鍾凱維
The art of Chinese Calligraphy (書法) is akin to writing traditional Chinese characters with a paintbrush. It is a very difficult skill to master, often requiring ten years or more for one to become a decent expert.

疾風知勁草 昏日辨誠臣 勇夫安識義 智者必懷仁 is a Chinese poem that has existed for more than one thousand and three hundred years, and is available in several variations.

The first line of the poem, “ 疾 風 知 勁 草 ”, literally meaning “ Strong wind knows tough grass. ”, has already existed as an idiom (a phrase or expression with a figurative, non-literal meaning) as early as 23 AD. It can be translated more freely into English as “The storm puts strong grass to the test.”, conveying that one’s true colours are revealed after a severe or daunting test.

The second line, “ 昏 日 辨 誠 臣 ”, literally means “ Dusky day recognizes honest statesmen. ”, signifying that one’s integrity is tested during gloomy, turbulent times.

The third line, “ 勇 夫 安 識 義 ”, rhetorically asks “ How can brave men ever know rectitude? ”, declaring that one’s sense of justice and morality is beyond mere bravery.

The last line, “ 智 者 必 懷 仁 ”, states “ Wise persons must possess kindness. ”, indicating that wisdom and compassion go hand in hand.

The first half of the poem begins with a metaphorical proclamation that only the grass that can withstand the force of an intense gale is truly known to be strong. It then intimates that only in times of sociopolitical turmoil can a person in office be identified as a loyal minister or an honest statesman. The second half of the poem asserts with a rhetorical question that people who exercise courage without wisdom are just brave men who do not know righteousness at all. It concludes that only those who are both wise and brave can truly possess benevolence and righteousness, for they have genuinely comprehended what kindness and justice are.

The whole poem edifies us that only the strong and sincere can bear hardship and turmoil; and that only the wise and valiant can know righteousness and cherish benevolence.

2 comments on “Chinese Caligraphy and Art by SoundEagle (疾風知勁草 昏日辨誠臣 勇夫安識義 智者必懷仁)

  1. That is deep and relevant. Buffeted as we are from all sides by gale force winds.


    • Dear Ankur Mithal

      Thank you for your astute comment on SoundEagle🦅’s featured Chinese Calligraphy. It is like a species of stylized painting, is it not?

      Please feel free to indulge SoundEagle🦅 with further thoughts💭 or comments💬 as you digest, deliberate and deliver your verdict on the whole post, particularly when you become even more inspired or moved by the meanings, ramifications and wisdom of the ancient Chinese poem and the story behind it.

      SoundEagle🦅 would like to inform you that extra paragraphs have been added to this post to reveal what the US government and its officials as well as the administrative and political sectors in other countries can potentially learn from the sociopolitical system in ancient China. The beginning of these paragraphs are quoted as follows:

      In light of the frequency and prevalence of social turmoils and gross injustices caused by official misconduct as exemplified by egregious cases of malpractice and malfeasance in the business, financial and political spheres in various countries and regions across the contemporary world, the potent messages borne by this seventh-century poem have gained even more gravity and relevance in the twenty-first century.

      Furthermore, there existed the larger context of governance and civil service beyond the interpersonal and political context

      Your inputs are certainly welcome, and may even be incorporated into the post with due credit to you, should your views and insights be pertinent and compelling. Thank you.

      Rose Greeting

      Yours sincerely,


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