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Cognitive Biases in the Political Arena

Cognitive Biases in the Political Arena

Cognitive Biases in the Political Arena

This infographic is also available at Visual Capitalist.

Additionally, our cognitive biases can often be reinforced by social media algorithms and filter bubbles, whilst misquotations and misinformation as well as media bias and political bias in conjunction with media manipulation, Internet manipulation, misrepresentation and sensationalism inject additional layers of complexity to what our brains can realistically process. Considering the increasingly fractious nature of political opportunism, bureaucratic manoeuvring and power struggle in numerous regions of the world involving citizens, politicians and the media, this infographic may serve as a concise visual reminder of how any one of the illustrated eleven cognitive biases can problematically engender, frame, distort, pervert or misrepresent some perspective, narrative, rhetoric, rationale or outcome pertaining to sociocultural or political matters.

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