🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery ⋆*ࣰ☀̤̣̈̇🏝*ࣰ˜҈”˜҈░*ࣰණි

SoundEagle in Birch Forest Landscape with Mushrooms
 Guided Imagery 

Small Black Bird and Blue CrocusA short wait may be required as SoundEagle🦅 loads the graphics, music and other multimedia contents for your enjoyment and edification……

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To enter and experience the sonic dimension, please turn on your finest speakers or headphones, as this webpage is now loading and playing music to you automatically . . . .

 Guided Imagery 
Dear Readers,

Welcome! May you be ready for a journey of creative visualization and mind-body intervention, adapted from that prescribed by SoundEagle🦅’s godfather, Dr Bob Rich, and augmented with multimedia and animations by SoundEagle🦅ೋღஜஇ.

Please look at a picture of one of your favourite people.

Take a nice, deep breath, and relax all your body as you breathe out.

Close your eyes.

Gently drifting on the breeze, little clouds in a pale blue sky are so high that they seem like mere specks.

SoundEagle🦅 is making lazy circles on a thermal. Its mighty wings are two metres wingtip to wingtip, floating the bird effortlessly far above all pain, all sadness, all worry.

Great fierce beak, great fierce talons: everyone respects an eagle.

The feathers of SoundEagle🦅’s wings are locked together, keeping the bird aloft, while the large feathers of its tail steer the bird wherever it wants to go. Up there SoundEagle🦅 stays, perfect for its world and its world perfect for SoundEagle🦅: ruler of the sky.

Be that bird.

Feel the strong muscles of your chest and back holding your wings motionless. Feel the thermal keeping you up as you lazily circle. Your eagle eyes can see every detail far, far below. All your worry, all your problems are still there, on the ground. They are still there, but from here, they look so small.

And you are a magic eagle. Soaring high is your specialty. Heavens stretch out before you. If you choose to, you can fly to any place, any time. Free yourself to explore.

There have been times in your past when you were sad, and needed all the love that you could get.

So, go where you need to go, find your younger self, and give all the love that you have.

When you are ready, return to being you, now, but bring with you the experiences of soaring above in perfect peace and power, and the experience of you — now loving that younger self who needed it all so much.

Take a deep breath, and open your eyes when you are ready.

Reign not SoundEagle's Flight, For I seek thy Crested Might.

Swirls of Gypsy Delight
Usurp my Gothic Knight
Reign not SoundEagle🦅’s Flight
For I seek thy Crested Might

SoundEagle in Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

SoundEagle🦅 hopes that you are able to resonate with the embodied, corporeal or transcendental being and feeling of soaring like an eagle, whether symbolically, intellectually, aesthetically or spiritually. According to Neda writing about the Eagle:

There are widely known stories about the eagle, such as the one when the eagle turns forty and about the eagle that lived among the chickens. The first one teaches us that if we want to develop in the right way, we must get rid of old traits, abandon them so that we can be born again and continue to live and prosper. The second one again warns of the danger of stagnation, stuffiness, narrow-mindedness that prevents the realization of the greatest potentials of one’s own.

The eagle is a symbol of incredible power and intelligence. It is the lord of heaven. It supervises everything from spiritual heights. Its intelligence and insight reach far, everything is more clearly from above. It is the one who in the myth of the Psyche helps the Psyche to solve one of the tasks by reaching the spring and taking water. It is the will itself – only the will can awaken the will. And in Rome, the eagle on Jupiter’s sceptre is a symbol of will. It is associated with the sun, the sublime spirit among the ancient Greeks and Persians, as well as with the god Zeus. It is thunder and lightning, the creator. It represents nobility, power and war. As an initiatic bird it flies from one world to another, it regenerates and guides souls. It has been a collective symbol of strength and power since prehistoric times. The double-headed eagle reinforces this meaning and has doubled power.

73 comments on “🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery ⋆*ࣰ☀̤̣̈̇🏝*ࣰ˜҈”˜҈░*ࣰණි

  1. Love, love this! What a wonderful relaxing part of my morning! Thank you!

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  2. Hummingbirds always make me smile. We have heaps around here… and eagles… and vultures… and hawks.

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  3. Marvelous!
    Pleasing the Mind !

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  4. Thank you for allowing me to fly away with you! I needed this today, and I did close my eyes and visualized some of your lovely birds and some childhood places that made me smile. I totally relaxed for those few minutes and let my mind and heart fly away with you. Your visuals are amazing and the music completes it. Thank you again.

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  5. I’m flying! 🙋‍♂️

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  6. Fantastic and such a lovely post. The pictures are awesome and your music for sure completes it. Thank you.

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  7. This is beautiful, SoundEagle! Thank you so much for this! ❤

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  8. I love the visualisation of the eagle in meditation.
    I don’t know why i couldn’t hear the music whilst reading through even when i wandered over to the situ? Site.
    Nonetheless, soothing message.
    Thank you.

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    • Dear Abigail,

      SoundEagle🦅 is delighted by your visit and your appreciation of the soothing and meditative quality inherent in and exhibited by the multimedia rendering of the guided imagery under the rubric of creative visualization and mind-body intervention.

      Please be informed that when the music is not automatically played, you may click the circular play button located in the upper left corners of the two SoundCloud panels containing Where The Eagles Fly (demo1) and Where The Eagles Fly (demo2) respectively. May you enjoy the music to your heart’s content!

      In addition, the musical interface is rather interactive insofar as you can actually leave as many comments as you like by clicking anywhere along the thin horizontal strip that is parallel to the audio waveform displayed across each SoundCloud panel. This will take you to the corresponding music in SoundCloud where you can insert your comment(s) corresponding exactly to the specific point(s) in the music. You may be asked to sign up to SoundCloud, where you will find a lot of SoundEagle🦅’s musical compositions.

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  9. This is a beautiful and inspirational post Thanks You have brightened my day
    Life’s a bitch! Laugh anyway

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  10. Lovely, uplifting work SoundEagle, thank you for the inspiration! Flying in dreams is such a wonderful feeling that I’ve never experienced in waking life—I feel your post is trying to capture that. 🙂

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  11. A beautiful post! Very relaxing and inspiring. ❤ Have great day, SoundEagle!

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  12. Wonderous collages of images, took my breath away.
    Thank you for your hard work in putting this together for us.

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    • Yes – so much work went into this. Great stuff!

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    • Dear Roger,

      A bespoke reply is due to you for showing such a fine appreciation of what you have observed to be “[w]onderous collages of images” and “[i]ncredible work and artistry”.

      May you experience some highly satisfying moments of being that MAGIC EAGLE soaring high in the sky and flying side by side with SoundEagle🦅!

      Should you pine for even more multimedia extravaganzas, there exist plenty of such wondrously immersive 📑Posts and Pages📃 on SoundEagle🦅’s website, all ready for you to savour to your heart’s content, with fascination and gusto in equal measure!

      To begin with, imagine yourself transforming from being a MAGIC EAGLE to a FULL MOON surrounded by astronomical phenomena and stellar activities in the following dynamically animated post:

      🎴 If My Name Were Moon Tonight… 🌛🌝🎑🈷 with Clair de Lune 🌕

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      • Thank you so much for taking the time to create this evocative reply. The image of the Magic Eagle free of the constraints of being earth bound brings an interlude of an empathy with the World and from there all of Creation.
        For a while now I have experienced a melding of my own theistic (Christian) beliefs with an interest in as much of the sciences as I can manage, the Nature of this World’s long life and the vast wondrousness which is the Cosmos. The process has been very liberating. To feel infinitely small in cosmological terms, while perceiving this is still important as part of Creation has been a deep personal insight, there is no angst as to ‘Why?’, the answer is always ‘Because’. I turned 70 this year, and thus guess there’s a limited time left in this body, I think I can deal with that, for there is an unknowable journey on The Other Side. This is why your work through images are so compelling, they illustrate one part of the Whole. Thank you for your contribution to that Whole.
        ‘If My Name Were Moon Tonight’….. That’s a interesting connection in part of my own life.
        On a clear night, my wife makes a point of greeting the moon. She is inspired by the reference of St Francis of Assisi who used to refer to ‘Sister Moon’.
        Keep on keeping on.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Dear Roger,

        May you and your other significant half thoroughly enjoy the special lunar-themed post entitled 🎴 If My Name Were Moon Tonight… 🌛🌝🎑🈷 with Clair de Lune 🌕. Click the large golden title in the previous sentence to access the post.

        Looking forward to being enlightened by what you are going to experience and ponder symbolically, intellectually, aesthetically and spiritually upon your profound contemplation of the immersive lunar sceneries portrayed by SoundEagle🦅 in the said post.

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  13. What a wonderfully cool and relaxing experience to become that magical eagle, soaring above the earth. I have often imagined what it would be like to be able to fly like an eagle, effortlessly rising on the air currents. The graphics and the music are amazing–I love seeing all of the little butterflies and colorful birds that move throughout the images (and the delightful little bunny too). Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.

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  14. Thank you so much for this. Such cheerful and uplifting images colours and words. We need to be helped in these trying dark times, in the northern hemisphere especially.

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  15. Wonderful and amazing.

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  16. Wow, SoundEagle!
    This is so beautiful and i love your meditation you created and your songs that give depth and relaxation in this perfectly composed length of post. Thank you!

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    • Dear Cindy,

      It is all too apparent that this very short post (by SoundEagle🦅’s standard) is very much right up your alley, considering that you have had “35+ years experience in health and wellness… [having] studied Occupational and Recreational Therapy with an emphasis in Psychology at San Jose State University”.

      Therefore, one really wonders how you have fared and what indeed conjured up in your supple mind when you imagined, visualized or envisioned yourself to be that MAGIC EAGLE soaring high in the sky and flying side by side with SoundEagle🦅.

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  17. Not to mention the musical clips!

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  18. Thank you for using my words in such a lovely way. We do make a good team.

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  19. Dear Soundeagle (the one and only),
    thank you so much for your lovely article which saves as a sanctuary in times of the polarisation due to the Coronavirus.
    What your article did make me realise was that there is actually no tranquiliy and happiness until one takes the time to relax and let oneself float into ones own phantasy.

    Recently I had a coaching from a woman who actually used a very similar technique as you did: To cherish the needs of the inner child and to cater to it. And it worked wonders. So for anyone who reads this: Follow his instructions and you may save yourself the 160 swiss francs she charged (and I only could afford by bartering my meditation-course with her instead).

    I also did religiously put on headphones to listen to your song -first the top version whilst reading the article, and then again the bottom version, which I like even better, because it contains more sounds like the seagulls and the harp, etc…
    It’s great that you did put one sound above, because I like to listen whilst reading – it turns the experience into a multimedia one.

    Also I was surprised about your skilled usage of 3-d-rendering in your pictures – something i only know from Videos but not for pictures.
    I just as wondering whether you actually could turn all your worlds into a seamless experience by using Flash- or Javascripts – but then again, I am well aware that such programming could distract you from being as creative as you are.

    You actually inspire me to finish my meditation course today and then let it stand in order to start focussing on music again – something I did when I was young.
    So maybe you did contribute to a life-changing decision here !
    I sincerely thank you and think that you bless the world in an angelic way
    by spreading your wings of love over us, your readers !


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  20. You’re such a visionary artist my friend! I appreciate your expressions as they leave me with such peace, love and joy!! Big smiles 🤗❤

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  21. Wow! So beautiful post! Excellent pictures thank you for sharing 🎉💕😊

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  22. I think this is the first time in a long time I could breathe deeply. All I can say is: WOW! Thank you SoundEagle.

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  23. I felt soothed and invigorated at the same time! Excellent work – I admire your talent.

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  24. I appreciate your creative talent and all the work you have put into this. It is very engaging, enlightening, relaxing and cathartic. Thank you for encouraging some “time out” and thank you also for visiting my blog 😀

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  25. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  26. Thankyou soundeagle for my soaring flight, sensing life, relaxing so easily, loving myself that much more, guided so beautifully by the music, the sounds of magic❤️🥰 sending love your way, Barbara x

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Barbara,

      Thank you for commenting and sending your love. Moreover, SoundEagle🦅 is delighted that you have had an immersive experience of emacipating yourself through the mental projection of your imaginative soaring in the sky, thus transforming your visit to this special multimedia post into one indicative of a pleasant, inviting, introspective and self-affirming experience.

      May you avail yourself more opportunities for acquiring similarly fulfilling experiences by visiting any one of the listed Related Articles.

      Happy December to you very soon!

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  27. Loved the Eagle Meditation and visualisation, and the music…. so thank you again.. SE..
    May you keep soaring high in the tranquillity and peace you created for others to share.

    Blessings Sue x..

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  28. Nice music and your words of flying like an eagle remind me of the dreams I often have: I am flying in my dreams which is a really lovely journey through the air – even when I wake up, I still have that light feeling of flying above house roofs. Thank you, dear friend and all the best from Finland 🙂

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  29. Thank you for the guide to read! It will be helpful to me.

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  30. Thank you for allowing me to fly away on your wings 🙏🤍🙏🤍🙏🤍🙏

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  31. Wow, how do you do this?!

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  32. Absolutely beautiful! დ

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  33. Thanks again for the visual treat and musical blend. I saw two of your older post in PC. Then i understood why you insist to see this on big screen. It was marvelous. And i wish to know, how for the first time you selected this particular bird eagle over all other birds. I know eagle has many unique features. Yet can you explain the first thought that come to your mind to select this bird as the icon for your page.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. What a wonderful sensory experience! Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. […] 🦅 SoundEagle Guided Imagery ⋆*ࣰ☀̤̣̈̇🏝*ࣰ˜҈”˜҈░*ࣰණි […]

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  36. Thank you! What a centering journey in light and sound.

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  37. Wow! Excellent! Thanks for sharing 🤗😊💓

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  38. Wishing you peace and prosperity in 2022.

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