🎭🤭😜 Humour Candour: Festoons of Cartoons and Lampoons 🤪😂🤡

SoundEagle in the Parable of the Blind Men and an Elephant
Demented Denizens Slideshow

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👽🛸 B.Z. Toons Slideshow 🙌👾

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Click here to contact SoundEagle SoundEagle says: This whimsical post is intended to be viewed in situ at the website, given that it contains abundant dynamic animations and bespoke designs as well as the two Slideshows above containing hundreds of cartoons.

You are welcome to enjoy even more humour and cartoons accompanying the following 📑Posts featured below.

May you savour Humour Candour to your heart’s content in preparation for this looming Black Friday, 13 May 2022.

Notes and Treats

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🦅🎅 SoundEagle Bringing Santa Claus with Gift to “Some Quaint-Perched Eyrie on the Cliffs of Time”: An Introduction to English Literature and Comedy Novel ‘Three Men in a Boat’ ⛵

SoundEagle Bringing Santa Claus with Gift to 'Some Quaint-Perched Eyrie on the Cliffs of Time'

SoundEagle🦅 has a few tips on raising a large brood in ‘Some Quaint-Perched Eyrie on the Cliffs of Time’:

  1. Ignore bad behaviours and reward good ones. 🐣🐛
  2. Don’t cry over a broken or unhatched egg. 🥚✖️
  3. If it’s not broken, it probably is still alive. 🥚✔️

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29 comments on “🎭🤭😜 Humour Candour: Festoons of Cartoons and Lampoons 🤪😂🤡

  1. As always, a feast for the senses and mind.

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  2. Thank you for this grand collection of well-chosen cartoons and lampoons. Exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries, kind Sir!

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  3. Oh WOW!,,, this post was just amazing SE… and not only such visual fun, but loved the cartoon jokes too..
    We most definitely need more laughter and smiles in the world right now
    Loved all of them… and spent a while viewing them.

    Looks like I will have to click page two to see whats next.. 🙂
    Thank you. ❤

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  4. Wow! A feast for the eyes and the mind. Lots of chuckles, too. Some of these would be nice illustrations on my grandson’s playroom wall. He loves elephants!

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  5. Some pretty funny stuff here!

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  6. Soundeagle, a boatload of humor! 🙂

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  7. I alway love catoon !

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  8. This is Great, i like that

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  9. Reblogged this on linhah and commented:
    I always leave this site smiling and needing a dictionary!

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  10. I’m pleased we see humour SE. And thank you for the animal totems the owl and the butterfly are meaningful in my life..
    Stay Blessed

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  11. Great cartoons, they where very funny.

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  12. […] 🎭🤭😜 Humour Candour: Festoons of Cartoons and Lampoons 🤪😂🤡 […]

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  13. From now on, I’m running with the escaping goats.

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    COROLLARY: He who prays oft emotes on misinformation.

    QUESTION: When you combine “God-like Technology” with brute-like mentality, what do you get?
    ANSWER: God-like technology in the hands of many mental brutes.

    P.S. Enjoyed this and your “Speech Errors” posts.

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  15. Very cute post! Love the graphics and animation!

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  16. Interesting post with loads of cool things. Absolutely right – quoting disinformation was an all-time high over the past 2 years. So called ‘truthers’ were anything but. People have been dumbed down and mind-controlled – they end up looking like your cartoon people!! Anyway, I have always shared from my own experiences on my blog. I don’t use other people’s research or quotes simply because verifying the truth now-a-days is very challenging. Safer to stay with what I know! Thanks for sharing, Donna

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  17. Your illusions, creativity, colour and humour combined truly is quite extraordinary. Thank you for making me smile. 😊

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  18. […] 🎭🤭😜 Humour Candour: Festoons of Cartoons and Lampoons 🤪😂🤡 […]


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