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Swirls of Gypsy Delight
Usurp my Gothic Knight
Reign not SoundEagle’s Flight
For I seek thy Crested Might

Reign not SoundEagle's Flight, For I seek thy Crested Might.

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40 comments on “Comments

  1. Thanks very much for your support with my blog: http://aqueoussun.wordpress.com/

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  2. I like your music. Has a meditative feel to it.
    Your blog design is a bit confusing, I found it hard to find actual content in all the promotion. A more quiet and simple layout might be a better showcase for your work.
    Of course that’s purely a personal opinion, I may just not be in your target audience.

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    • Hi Delft, thank you for visiting and commenting on SoundEagle‘s website, which contains diverse features and functions to meet the presentational requirements of the website and SoundEagle‘s broad range of interests.

      To aid yourself in this journey with SoundEagle, click About 🛅 to receive a good orientation plus useful recommendations on selected tools and features.

      It is also very helpful to click News to see an overview of SoundEagle‘s recent posts published under different categories.

      To see a site map containing menus and navigational links, click Where The Eagles Fly . . . ..

      To see a summary list of all the posts published by SoundEagle, click Posts.

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      • Sorry, I wasn’t clear.
        It’s not that I can’t find my way around. It’s the amount of self-promotion that I find off-putting. Like your using your nym 5 times in as many sentences, using it in every post title, every headline, every picture (each time in a different screaming font).
        If you strip all that away, and just present your content, you’ll give people more opportunity to appreciate it.

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      • Oh, I see your point, or rather, on refraining from using the pronoun “I”, hereby declare that SoundEagle sees and registers your concerns. Thank you for your suggestion, Delft. In any case, the word “SoundEagle” has many functions, serving as a pseudonym, noun, pronoun, (pen) name, alias, nom de plume, sobriquet, symbol, logo, emblem and/or a brand.

        Knowing or seeing someone’s real name, face, gender, age, race and so on not only does not necessarily guarantee or engender substantive comprehensions and communicative depths, but also can often present encumbrances, stumbling blocks, blinkers, stereotypes, assumptions and/or prejudices.

        Critically, beyond just having a quick look at this blog, putting in more time and effort for sustained interactions and reading more posts and pages will reveal more about this blog.

        As a starting point, SoundEagle’s “About 🛅” page is quite comprehensive and rich in many kinds of useful information, and therefore the page can give you a very good orientation about this blog.

        It is inescapable that people have preferences regarding the purpose, design, layout and contents of a blog, especially a multidisciplinary blog laden with multimedia and multitudinousness. It would not surprise SoundEagle that such a platform will not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, for those who care to explore this website with an open mind, they will be richly rewarded and even surprised.

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  3. […] SoundEagle may dispense the SoundEagle Appreciation Award for other occasions or purposes.” […]

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  4. I enjoyed all your beautiful programs, Eagle Sound.
    Thank you.

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  5. SoundEagle! What a professional website of the arts!!! I am so impressed! Still looking around all you do here! I came to visit because of your “Likes” on my comments on Horty Rexach’s website!!! You are so keenly sensitive a human being to my certain comments there! My modest website is excuseusforliving.com on all sorts of topics. I’ve been doing it about as long as you have since 2012…me in January & you in July!!! Many thanks & nice to meet you! Phil

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    • Hello Philip! Thank you for writing your very first comment here. Welcome to the multidisciplinary domains of SoundEagle, where you are free to explore and enjoy to your heart’s content. Please be informed that you are venturing into something that is considerably more than “a professional website of the arts”, as you generously complemented, lest you should chastise SoundEagle later for not sticking just to the arts (and humanities). A fine scrutiny of the “About 🛅” page with a good dose of curiosity can provide you with a reasonably thorough orientation.

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  6. SoundEagle, Well, my WordPress stats jumped thanks to your recent activity! And I see they are coming from Australia! Watch me screw this up, “You’re a fair dink-um Aussie!” Visited Australia while on R&R leave from the Vietnam War, 1970! Phil

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  7. Hey Sheila – stoke up the Barbie – I’ll be over in a tick. And don’t forget the brew – I’ve gotta fair thirst on me … (or something like that).

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  8. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my friend . XX OO

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  9. Hi SoundEagle,

    I was wondering who you are!Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liked my post. I really appreciated it! I have a lot of things to explore on your blog maybe i need the whole day to explore it! it’s so interesting. 🙂 anyway, keep safe and wish you in good health! God Bless you

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  10. Dear SoundEagle,

    What a beautiful to your mother. She was a beautiful woman and you a great son as can be seen by your love in the pictures.
    You have a beautiful site here with so much creativity and a gift with your music and writing. Congratulations on so many posts and awards and your comprehensive websites. You are very talented and gifted in your muscic and writing.
    I found it challenging to post here or comment so you know. Even in my mac it is very tiny and loads slow with so many visuals and music. I’m assuming that is the problem.
    Nice work and take good care!

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  11. Thank you Sound Eagle… Your Graphic was a lovely gift… I managed to stay on my PC long enough to reply… Still having a few tech probs… But hope to be up and running again soon..
    Have a wonderful Christmas…. Stay Blessed… Sue 💚🙏💚

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    • Hi SEagle,

      I’m on an android right now and since I fell today, it is hard to type. Believe me, once I get back on my desktop, I’ll leave a more extensive (for me anyway) comment concerning your site. My first impressions are I feel like I’m on a light hit of acid, maybe a dream. You list only 23 comments. I was expecting, 23,000. Are you one person or is SEagle a name for an organization or community of 50 or so writers and coders? WTF, SEagle this is unique and genius. Who the helll are you? I have friends in Queensland. Maybe you know them. Oh well, I’m bleeding. Nice cuts on my hand and arm. I’ll get back. Thanks. Duke

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  13. Thank you, Sound Eagle, for “liking” my article “The Inner Morality” on Opal Rising site.

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    • Dear Boris

      You are very welcome. Please be informed that SoundEagle🦅 has recently commented on the “About” page of your blog. In addition, your excellent post entitled “The Day Death Died (updated version)” has also received two comments from SoundEagle🦅. The first comment is duplicated here as follows:

      Dear Boris Glikman and the mouse,

      I would like to commend Boris very highly for entertaining us with this “death-defying” or “death-denying” scenario. Well done!

      In return, I shall invite you to entertain a realistic scenario without old age (regardless of whether death is still present or not). The post is entitled “Facing the Noise & Music: Playgrounds for Biophobic Citizens“, published at

      🎧 Facing the Noise & Music: Playgrounds for Biophobic Citizens 🏗🌁🗼🏭

      Pushing forward another 50 years or (far) fewer, we could indeed end up in the scenario as described in my said post. As you can discover in the said post, there will be plenty of far-reaching ramifications in multiple domains of human life, some of which are irreversible. Should you decide to peruse my said post, I look forward to reading your feedback there. The post takes the perspective of sociology, philosophical anthropology and cultural history.

      By the way, thank you, Boris, for dropping me a comment at my multidisciplinary blog.

      Yours sincerely,

      Please note that these three comments require your approval before they will be visible on your blog.

      May you have a cheerfully warm season as summer dawns in June, so that you may find fresh inspirations in Nature to compose more excellent post, especially the kinds that have resonated with the intellectual chambers of your most ardent readers, present company included!

      Yours sincerely,Rose Greeting

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  14. […] You may indeed perceive that SoundEagle🦅’s website is highly distinctive and intriguing as well as simultaneously impressive and […]

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  15. I’ve bookmarked ‘SoundEagleMusic’ (after playing ex PC to Topping e30 DAC to LG CM2760 stereo, not top shelf audiophile I’ll admit but it does a pretty good job) and I will ‘work’ through/ return to your catalogue again.
    You know, you’re a talented person and that makes it a privledged to see the SoundEagle ‘Likes’ that encourage me to keep writing Senryu.
    Yes,it is ‘an enjoyable and rewarding experience’ to listen, thank you.
    Kind regards, DD
    PS I think I’ll hit ‘post comment’ after ‘I’ll Always Be With You (finale)’ – it makes sense – but I continue to listen.

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  16. I interrupted Clifford Jordan’s 1961 jazz album ‘Starting Time’ to listen to SoundEagle.
    It was immediately after playing ‘Extempore’. What an ironic spot to have stopped, given the thought that goes into your compositions.
    I’ve not voted for a favourite today because I generally like to listen to things several times to get a good sense of them, not least because my concentration ebbs and flows and as you’ve remarked some where (I think) the perception of unfamiliar rhythms and chord changes may need to be assimilated. I’ll often play new music on different equipment that has different tonal qualities, which I find changes perceptions too. Anyhoo, today ‘Take a Stroll’ took the top spot.
    Thank you and kind regards,

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  17. Apologies for for my late response, SoundEagle. I am trying to post my comment on “Facing the Noise and Music” page but for some reason it is saying that the comment cannot be posted. So I tried to post it here instead, and it is not letting me do that either. So, not sure what is going on or how I can share my comment with you. .

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  18. I will try one more time to post my comment here:
    The set-up of this story (a person who awakens in a very different future) reminds me of HG Wells’ “When The Sleeper Wakes”, although your story develops in a totally different direction.
    You don’t define “biophobic” within the story, so I assume it means “phobia of life”?
    I find interesting how this future world as well as its history consists of changeable ingredients and has no objective past. That reminds me of the world in “1984”.
    The future world that you portray seems to be a very hedonistic world that values pleasure and escapism above all. I think that these tendencies are already present in our world, although they are not as openly and unashamedly expressed in our world. i.e. In our world working and the earning of money are still seen as important and honourable pursuits that endow a person with respectability and status quo, whereas someone who just seeks pleasure and escapism is not be seen as a respectable and serious citizen in our society.
    “where certain values and ideas about human lives are rooted in or benchmarked against the perspective of youths” Again, I think that this tendency is also already present in our world, whereby it is the young who are celebrated and pandered to, in particular in the areas of fashion, music and entertainment while older people and old age in general are shunned and scorned. Just look at the preponderance of cosmetic surgery and people denying their real age and trying to artificially overcome the effects of ageing. But in our world this tendency is not as blatant and as out-in-open as in the future world that you portray.
    It is sad to read of further exploitation and denigration of animals in your future, as one would hope that in the future there would be a shift in collective consciousness and the sacredness of all life, human and animal, would be recognised.

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  19. OK, so I have been able to post above my comment on your story.
    Now, to respond to your comment above about “The Day Death Died”. You mentioned in your comment that you left a comment on my “About” page and that you left 2 comments on “The Day Death Died”. Thank you for your comments but I cannot see any of them. I did go to the page where I approve comments and they don’t appear there either. Perhaps you would be able to re-post your comments? Thank you for that!

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  20. Hi! Apologies for the delay in replying, but I usually have a few pots on the boil at the same time. Yours is a rich, meaty read. Like a full-bodied wine, it can’t, and mustn’t, be swallowed in a gulp. You’re a skilled word-smith and enjoy ‘forging’ them (in the best, creative sense) into an impressive finished product. You’re erudite, fluently articulate, widely read, and able to see ways in which a very broad range of ideas and insights can complement, and throw light on one another, and give the reader plenty of thoughtful and stimulating material to chew on.

    To respond in detail to your piece would mean producing another one of at least the same length, which would be a ‘pot’ too many. I think in a similar manner to yourself, so I found myself largely in agreement with what was being said, and stimulated by it.

    If I might make a few observations, your occasional long lists of nouns and adjectives can make for very long sentences, and some readers might lose track of the key points that are being made. As for key points, I found the sections in bold very helpful. I wondered if these would be well placed at the beginning or end of separate paragraphs as useful maps to the terrain ahead or behind. I also thought that some of the material on Wilson, his debate with Watson, and his book “The Social Conquest of Earth, might have been helpfully placed at, or near, the beginning of your piece, to facilitate the reader’s mind travelling in the direction thereafter to be explored. These, of course, are not ‘criticisms’, but simply the passing on of some of my own thoughts. We must each do our own thing in our own way.

    I had heard of Wilson, but had not read, or read about him, until I recalled a book on my shelves, “Oracles of Science” by Giberson and Artigas, which devotes a chapter to his thought. It’s now on my reading list. I’m intrigued by the linkage of stone-age emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technology, and look forward to following this up. So thanks for this, and more power to your free-flowing brain and writing elbow.
    My warm regards.

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  21. Hey, SoundEagle! Just played a song for tomorrow that reminded me of you, and I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you around! Miss you! Where’ve you been, my friend? Hope all is well and you’re just taking a break. ❤


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