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SoundEagle Perch

SoundEagle Perch

SoundEagle Perch

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  1. In the past people have asked me why my Globs are so long! I’ve always considered it to be their problem not mine – part of the general inability to get beyond one side of writing on A4. I really like your definition of Quotational Intelligence (extends Gardner’s rather meagre list of Intelligences just as it has pleased me to do in other ways). I incorporate quotations in what I write – one of my books was described as consisting of ‘all quotations’. I often convert quotations into ‘Found Poems’ where appropriate – though there are other reasons, I find it helps to make sense of a long piece of prose. See a long Glob on Baudrillard amongst my outpourings for an example!

    Your WordPress presentation is a bit of a miracle which my poor slot cannot possibly emulate! I’m an ancient ignoramus really when it comes to technical stuff.

    I must make some time to make a few quotations from your lovely posts intelligently!

    Glad to have found you


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