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Sound, Society and Environment🔊🏡🏞

Facing the Noise and Music is SoundEagle🦅’s multidisciplinary research to explore the grey barriers and green frontiers of sound, society and environment, showing the trends and interactions among art, science, philosophy and Nature. Regarding the barriers, the research highlights the radical changes in values, lifestyles and communities that present obstacles to a better world, affecting musical taste and aural experience as much as physical security and spiritual wellbeing. As for the frontiers, the research traverses the boundaries of noise and music, and forges holistic and life-enhancing views towards the environment. It (re)evaluates sound and music in the light of contemporary art, pioneering science and philosophy as well as ecological and spiritual movements.

As the world enters the new millennium with ever more uncertainties and changes, the research raises moral contemplation and debate on critical issues about sound, society and environment, by connecting the contemporary with the historical, the global with the local, the communal with the individual, the human with the nonhuman, and the noisy with the musical. The research opens for wide-ranging examination the questions of cultural and biological influences on humanity. It investigates how biological factors, socio-cultural forces and scientific views have shaped human perceptions, beliefs and practices, which in turn influence the production and consumption of sound and music. The investigation is aided by analyses of constructive and destructive socio-cultural resources; and supported by scientific studies on the effects of noise on individual humans, animals and their communities. The research also seeks to unfold the symbolic meanings engendered from the interactions and exploitations of human and natural worlds.

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