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Over forty pieces of music in diverse styles and contrasting instrumentations have been sampled into the following four albums for your enjoyment in the comfort of the musical sphere of MySpace.

Infinity Piano Sonatas <br/> <p>SoundEagle</p> <p>

All pieces are original compositions produced and recorded by SoundEagle, except those in the Classical album, which are well-known classical music adapted, played and recorded by SoundEagle.

5 comments on “SoundEagle in MySpace ğŸŽ¤

  1. Hello SoundEagle: I am working at a Sydney radio station this year and would like to include some of your music on a programme that’s to be aired in a few months. If you are interested, please contact me for more details. Kind regards, Turtle.

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  2. SoundEagle hi: All you need to do is post a CD to my Chatswood PO Box 1495 in Sydney. If you are happy for the CD to remain in the station library so that it may also be referenced in future please let me know. You could also send any notes about the music that you wish to have included.


  3. You are truly a music lover, SoundEagle. One can return to your posts and pages again and again. ❤

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  4. Hi SoundEagle. Thank you for your kind words of appreciation and for generously giving your readers the opportunity to get acquainted with my perspective on the art of being mindful. I do hope that the rest of the year will be just like you painted it!


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