SoundEagle in ็–พ้ขจ็Ÿฅๅ‹่‰

SoundEagle in ็–พ้ขจ็Ÿฅๅ‹่‰

Dear Readers and Followers as well as Lovers and Collectors of Fine Quotes,

Presented here in style is a collection of potentially inspirational and thought-provoking quotes, chosen for you by SoundEagle.

Many of these quotes have reached us in the present from the distant past. For example, the first quote is a Chinese poem that has existed for more than one thousand years, and is available in several variations. The first line of the poem, “็–พ้ขจ็Ÿฅๅ‹่‰“, has already existed as an idiom as early as 23 AD. It can be translated into English as “The storm put strong grass to the test”, meaning that one’s true colours are revealed after a severe or daunting test.

The second quote is not only as ancient as the Roman Empire but also indeterminate as to its true source. Even though it has been credited to Marcus Aurelius, there are contentions as to its authenticity and authorship due to unresolved historical inconsistencies. For those who are interested, please read Fabricated Marcus Aurelius Quote and Did Marcus Aurelius say โ€œLive a good lifeโ€?.

In the end, irrespective of the source and how a quote eventually comes to be known and used, the message of a quote (when correctly interpreted or understood) is more important than the messenger, whose public status, identity and fame or the lack thereof, as well as our knowledge and assumptions of them, plus the noise and travail of our existence and the hustle and bustle of our lives, can readily or even surreptitiously taint, usurp, prejudice or interfere with our reception and understanding of the message. For these reasons, the following quotes are allowed to stand alone with their full weights and implications carried by their contents alone, which readers and followers can appreciate without prior knowledge or preconception of the quotes’ creators. Moreover, these quotes have been chosen on the basis of their heuristic potentials and edificatory strengths as well as their veracity and validity.

Closer examination, deeper assessment and better reasoning have been applied in the process of selecting suitable quotes for inclusion as a collection here, given that quotes can come in many forms and flavours. SoundEagle has had to be vigilant and to realize that numerous quotes are characteristically subjective, biased, one-sided, tendentious or even invidious, if not significantly flawed, fallacious, specious or spurious. Fortunately, quotes can often be better understood or critiqued via analysis, comparison, logic, scoping and contextualization so that their limitations, idiosyncrasies or inconsistencies could be uncovered. For instance, what might first appear to be very persuasive and highly sensible quotes could be inescapably self-contradictory, meaning that one can find quotes that are apparently reasonable on their own but are at odds with each other when put side by side, or when examined from other perspective(s). In short, some quotes that people use or encounter daily are quite circumscribed in their validities and reliabilities. Upon applying careful inspection and higher-lever scrutiny, they can be revealed to be far from universally true and/or comprehensively applicable.

Of course, one can always retort or argue that some quotes are not so much amenable to reason, science, mathematics, empiricism, logic or the laws of physics as they are to the emotional, psychological, existential, phenomenological, spiritual and/or metaphysical. Nevertheless, all things being equal, any quote that can also possess or exhibit scientific, mathematical, empirical and/or logical validity or truth will tend to be more reliable, abiding, cogent, authentic, compelling, defensible, comprehensive and/or universal.

Without further delay, SoundEagle invites you to relish the following quotes.

็–พ ้ขจ ็Ÿฅ ๅ‹ ่‰
ๆ˜ ๆ—ฅ ่พจ ่ช  ่‡ฃ
ๅ‹‡ ๅคซ ๅฎ‰ ่ญ˜ ็พฉ
ๆ™บ ่€… ๅฟ… ๆ‡ท ไป
Live a good life.Life Cycle
If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by.
If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them.
If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.
Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.
For those who do believe, no proof is necessary.
For those who don’t, no proof is possible.
What we do for ourselves dies with us.
What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal.
A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses.
It is an idea that possesses the mind.
Ability is what you are capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.
The farther backward you can look,
the farther forward you will see.
An ounce of prevention is better than ten pounds of cure.
Nothing is easier than self-deceit.
For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.
We don’t see things as they are;
we see them as we are.
The method of science is to begin with questions, not with answers, least of all with value judgements.
Science is dispassionate inquiry and therefore cannot take over outright any ideologies “already formulated in everyday life”, since these are themselves inevitably traditional and normally tinged with emotional prejudice.
Sweeping all-or-none, black-and-white judgements are characteristic of totalitarian attitudes and have no place in science, whose very nature is inferential and judicial.

34 comments on “Quotes

  1. Hi Sound Eagle. You really do have a variety of thought provoking quotes here. I enjoyed them. I have added this blog to my blogroll. Take care. Ralph x

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  2. Great idea to list quotes ! I will definitely come back here!

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  3. The farther backward you can look,
    the farther forward you will see.

    As a historian (of sorts) this appeals to me. But I also find that my memories (and their mysterious sources) are an ongoing source of “sight.”

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  4. Theses quotes are fantastic!! Thank you for linking me to them, they really do add to my post as well as everything else I tend to write about lol!

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    • SoundEagle is glad that you appreciate those quotes and that they can be extensions or adjuncts to your posts. By the way, SoundEagle would like to inform that you will need to manually detect and visit SoundEagle‘s new pages whenever you visit SoundEagle‘s blog(s) from time to time because WordPress notifies followers of new posts only, thus leaving out new pages from being included in email notifications, as far as SoundEagle knows.


  5. These are all great quotes! Who are the authors?

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    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for complimenting the quality or choice of the quotes here. Please kindly read the new explanatory preface on this page, for it contains the answer to your question.


  6. What a beautifully written preface!

    I do however disagree with you when you say that the authors of these remarkable quotes are irrelevant; they are quotes. Who are they quoting?
    But regardless of them being a quote – these people are the authors of these works. That makes these writings copyrighted.
    It is always a shame when people separate the author from their work out of lack of care or laziness, or perhaps, because the person posting them, on facebook or wherever, wants people to think that they wrote it themselves – and they soak up the glory accordingly! ’tis weird to me.

    We have blogs because we are writers – writing is our product. We should feel the most safe here; amongst other writers.

    SoundEagle, simply by googling a few of the above quotes I have learnt the authors; pretty easy to do the right thing.
    ‘Too often we enjoy…’ John F Kennedy
    ‘For those who do believe…’ Stuart Chase.
    ‘What we do for ourselves…’ Albert Pine.

    It would not be difficult for you SoundEagle to do the right thing by these authors; and by your audience.

    I do feel awful for being on your case about this, but this is about truth – and truth is bigger than the both of us.

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  7. Thank you for reading the preface and for your response. Indeed, it would not be hard to find the source of certain quotes, and I have never mentioned that it is hard or unnecessary in all cases. What I did mention is that there are other more important issues and considerations to be aware of. That I have received such a reply indicates to me that they have not quite come through to you. What I also mentioned is that people do not always know the accuracy of the source of a quote and the contexts in which the quote is created and used by the author or by other people.

    Your statement “they are quotes. Who are they quoting?” is flawed and inadmissible because you are claiming that quotes quote themselves. In reality, they are quotes because they are quoted by someone, meaning that they are someone’s quotations (which are not quite the same as citations). Moreover, you would surprise even yourself how often people (including yourself) have uttered and written partial or entire statements, phrases, idioms and proverbs originated from others without giving or acknowledging the sources.

    Copyright is a modern invention, Kelly. And it is a complex topic that cannot be simplified in such a manner as you did here, not to mention that not all readers and authors view copyright (and its ramifications) in the same light as you do. l feel that you have not quite understood what I have intended to do for my readers and followers, and what I have tried to convey in the preface and also in the quotes by extension, and that you seem to have reduced or focused the discussion to one that essentially pertains to copyright through a straightforward championing, much to the exclusion and detriment of other matters of greater weight, relevance and import. Besides, truth is not apart from the physical world if people have the capacity and willingness to see it. Even if we could assume that a quote itself is unproblematic in the first place, are we so naive, mechanical and perfunctory as to believe or insist that if we simply appended the author’s name to the end of the quote, then we would be doing the “right” or “just” thing by the reader and/or the author, and somehow the reader could understand the quote more and reach the truth better?

    Caring about truth requires us to be consilient, open-minded and multidisciplinary rather than being narrowly focused or entrenched in certain ways. Considering that you are a new reader here, please kindly click About to receive a good orientation plus useful recommendations on selected tools and features in order to be familiar with the nature and purpose of this website or blog.

    I wish you well.


  8. These quotes are well chosen SE. Eternal words of wisdom.

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  9. I enjoy reading quotes and enjoyed your post! Thanks for visiting Homeflair.

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  10. It is great to see quotes that encourage thought and showcase a number of unique perspectives on matters.

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  11. After reading this collection of quotes I don’t think it at all wise to be too hasty in forming an opinion & I shall revisit & give further thought to the quotes over a period . One observation & thought is that an inital assessment is an important starting point to be built on & added to .

    Liked by 1 person

    • SoundEagle would like to congratulate thenakedflorist for being prudent and reserved in (passing any) judgement, on the recognition or basis that there is much more to be considered, given the multilayered nature of the subject matters.

      Regarding your statement “One observation & thought is that an inital assessment is an important starting point to be built on & added to”, if the inital assessment were flawed or invalid, then it would have to be abandoned or revised, not “built on” or “added to”.

      This is SoundEagle sending you food for thought and wishing you another wonderful weekend, thenakedflorist!


      • What sort of food is this ??
        I had visions of relaxing on the bear rug near the open fire – or should that read bare on the rug ? While I contemplate an answer I am being fed delicious food & offered pink champagne .

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      • As mentioned, it is food for thought. Please be advised by SoundEagle that becoming intoxicated is not conducive to contemplating an answer, however trivial or genuine your contemplation, answer, intention and/or effort may be, though having a semi-full stomach of delicious and healthful food can provide fuel for thought. Cheers!


  12. Well written kw ,meaningfull words grouped together , invoking thought about life & circumstance , wisdoms of old are all just words after all .Actions & loving kindness , how we treat each other & Mother Nature will be our salvation .

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  13. Certainly many nuggets to choose from.

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    • Hi Tom, Audrey and Emma,

      It is delightful that you found some potential treasures here to enrich or complement your intellectual horizon and wisdom.

      Which nuggets did you end up choosing, and why?


  14. Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. – I will have to remember that one. It is sadly too common these days.

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