Best Quotation to Win an Exclusive, Loyal Contract to Make Pig Boss’ Company Great Again

Best Quotation to Win an Exclusive, Loyal Contract to Make Pig Boss' Company Great Again

In a heuristic cartoon, all is not as straightforward as it seems. The cartoon entitled “Best Quotation to Win an Exclusive, Loyal Contract to Make Pig Boss’ Company Great Again” is not so much a political statement or posturing by any means as it is a graphical and succinct way of highlighting bullying behaviours, one of which is demanding loyalty, attention and/or contribution from victims and allies alike.

Of course, there are additional layers and meanings in the cartoon, including those imparted by the mordacious use of the polysemic word “quotation”. Moreover, how viewers interpret the cartoon is also very much a good reflection or indication of their backgrounds, experiences, expectations and internal states, which certain well-designed cartoons or statements can elicit or uncover, regardless of their political persuasions or affiliations.

Viewers are welcome to decode or unpack the meanings (both connotations and denotations) encapsulated or implied by the cartoon. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or feedback in the comment section below.

23 comments on “Best Quotation to Win an Exclusive, Loyal Contract to Make Pig Boss’ Company Great Again

  1. ‘Coffer’ here means the loot accumulated from all the ‘coffer-ups’!


  2. Great ‘toon! Love your creativity! I hope we can look forward to more in the coming year?


  3. Love this! You’re a creative Genius! Have a Blessed day


  4. I can’t bear the POTUS
    Much more than the VIRUS
    For he has been lying
    Even to the dying
    About his true FOCUS

    The POTUS’ FOCUS is a hocus-pocus.


  5. If only the bugger could spell,
    The dangerous orange dumbbell
    ,But instead he talks bollocks, 
    Slimy Reps tug their forelocks
    I wish he would bugger back off to hell  



  6. Very aposite and topical verses. The video was right on target!


  7. Any gold coins associated with Trump are bound to be fool’s gold.


  8. Thanks Soundeagle. There are so many quotes used to get people to buy into things they really should consider more. We were watching “Endeavour,” a British police show set in the late 1960s. The station chief made a reference to some people burning down homes and businesses of immigrants as “the make Britain great crowd.” My wife and I looked at each other and said that sounds familiar.
    There is a long history of so-called leaders getting people to do things for the benefit of the leaders.

    A good example is the reason why southern leaders referred to the Civil War as a battle over states rights, when almost every secession document used the word slavery. To get poor white southerners to fight for them, they had to be convinced it was a nobler cause than so the landowners could own slaves. Otherwise, they would not have fought. When I hear people waving a rebel flag today referring to that war as one over states rights, blowing past that slavery issue, it shows that rationale can live a long time.

    More recently, “Build that wall” is solution to a problem of disenfranchisement of certain regions of the country where industry and jobs suffered. Yet, while immigration was an issue, it was way down the list of concerns. The two major reasons for job loss in those regions are 1) CEOs chasing cheaper labor and 2) technology gains. There is a telling line from a CFO in the book “The Rich and the Rest of Us.” The CFO said “Companies would get away with no employees if they could.” Both reasons exist today, yet neither fit on a bumper sticker. Keith


    • Hi Keith! Thank you for your astute comment. In addition, your post entitled “That Law and Order Thing” presents a clear indictment on the reprehensible conducts of the current President, a role that the devious man can no longer qualify to uphold owing to his many antics and transgressions that have come to light, and that have sent the country into one convulsion after another.

      The incessant rallying cry to “build that wall” along with a litany of bad deeds, ill conducts, deceptions, corruptions, malpractices, malfeasances and malversations seem to have tipped the POTUS irrevocably from being a President of Law and Order to becoming a President of Flaw and Border.

      The threat to unleash the army on the populace is likely to turn the POTUS into a President of Claw and Disorder.

      Perhaps these transformations can be the subjects of my next cartoons!


      • Soundeagle, an appropriate use of “mal” to define the actions of the president. He is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon, who was a crook. Maybe we just call him mal-president. Keith


      • Hello Keith! It is highly conceivable and well within credibility that professional investigators and conscientious officials worth their salt are inclined or compelled to conclude that the POTUS has committed all of the following:

        • Connivance: Willingness to allow or be secretly involved in an immoral or illegal act; The act of conniving or conspiring, especially with the knowledge of, and active or passive consent to, wrongdoing or a twist in truth to make something appear as something that it is not.
        • Nonfeasance: Failure to perform an act that is required by law; The failure to act where action is required, whether willfully or in neglect.
        • Misfeasance: Transgression; The wilful inappropriate action or intentional incorrect action or advice.
        • Malfeasance: Wrongdoing, especially by a public official; The wilful and intentional action that injures a party.


  9. Soundeagle, you are a great guy!
    So talented – I love your music and apprecciate your artistic multi-talents.
    (As a feedback: Something in your site is off, because I can like your post, but not your comments – loved the Betty Bowers video and am going to watch more of her.)
    Keep up your great work and don’t get too sucked into the American madness – the worst idiots spoil it for the rest of you who are by far more intelligent.
    I only hope that the lowest level of consciousness can be elevated to an acceptable level for the world.


    • Dear Thilo (Amar),

      Hello! First of all, let’s be reminded that your effort and thoroughness in composing your most timely and pertinent post entitled “The once in a lifetime chance to stop the downfall of the USA” should be highly commended.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on this webpage featuring the heuristic cartoon entitled “Best Quotation to Win an Exclusive, Loyal Contract to Make Pig Boss’ Company Great Again”. The “Like” buttons pertaining to the comments are not functioning because this webpage is only an image page, not a full post or full page, where the “Like” buttons are definitely functional. In addition, all widgets are also absent in an image page.

      SoundEagle🦅 would like to recommend reading a full post entitled The Quotation Fallacy “💬” in its entirety. There you will find very detailed analyses of various fallacies and other wider multipronged issues including cultural and sociopolitical ones as witnessed in the United States of America. The post also discusses specific aspects of “how and what humans think” in relation to the fragility, patterns and limitations of human perceptions and behaviours, even as they routinely create or encounter statements and quotations. The post is published at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/the-quotation-fallacy/

      May you find this post informative or beneficial to you in various ways. Though the post is very long and encyclopaedic, the navigational menus there can help you to jump to any section of the post instantly so that you can resume reading at any point of the post over multiple sessions in your own time.

      You are very welcome to join the many discussions contained in the nearly 200 comments at the comment section of the post. You are free to like some of the comments there to your heart’s content, since the “Like” buttons are definitely functional in the full post.

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      Yours sincerely,


  10. Goodness, what a live wire you and your site are!


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