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Potted Plants

The Diversity and Beauty of Potted Plants.

Miniature Trees, Plants, Garden or LandscapeWELCOMESuspended or Elevated Garden

The name or title of the Potted Plant Society, and to a similar extent, the botanical varieties that the Society deals with, are somewhat unique in the sense that they are neither tied to a specific district, region, state or country, nor to a specific plant species, family or genus. In other words, the Potted Plant Society is not a specialist club; its specialty is in not having any overt specialty other than that which could be contained in a pot, planter or container. Seen from this perspective, we could reasonably conclude that the Potted Plant Society is by default an inclusive community, one that has encompassed or accommodated a great deal of plurality and diversity in resonating with contemporary gardening trends and horticultural practices, whilst being influenced and inspired by many people’s eclectic interests in plants and Nature.

Maintained by Click here to contact SoundEagle (Web Administrator and Designer)SoundEagle, the Potted Plant Society is an online community for sharing the joy and knowledge of growing potted plants creatively. Being online, the Society can become borderless and timeless, bolstered by a digital presence, advanced by social media and online amenities, accompanied by dynamic texts, links, images and videos, and easily accessible by anyone anytime anywhere whilst having a strong commitment to values, people, learning, innovation, and preservation of written and intellectual knowledge.

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Potted Plants

How To Plant Your Garden

First, you come to the garden alone,
while the dew is still on the roses….
Garden Pool


Green Peas1. Peace of mind.
2. Peace of heart.
3. Peace of soul.

Squash1. Squash gossip.
2. Squash indifference.
3. Squash grumbling.
4. Squash selfishness.
Lettuce1. Lettuce be faithful.
2. Lettuce be kind.
3. Lettuce be patient.
4. Lettuce really love one another.
Turnip1. Turnip for meetings.
2. Turnip for service.
3. Turnip to help one another.
Thyme1. Thyme for each other.
2. Thyme for family.
3. Thyme for friends.

Rose Greeting

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  1. Just wish to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your post is just cool and i could assume you’re
    an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.

    Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

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  2. Quite interesting and unusual post I have seen lately, with approach of connecting love for nature and plants with unusal poetry and words game.

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  3. Your site has a lot of interesting posts, but the thing I don´t like, and which makes my phone opening your posts very slow is just too much of the images, ads and banners all around this site. It looks quite unprofessional and outdated.

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    • ❀ 🏡🌷🌹🌻 ❀

      Welcome! It is delightful that you have gradually accustomed yourself to the rich and varied features of this website, although there is still a great deal to explore and understand. For instance, your so-called “images, ads and banners all around this site” actually serve different functions and purposes, which will only be apparent to you if you click or touch to activate them. They are by no means just static “images, ads and banners”, and hence not to be dismissed as such.

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      Yours sincerely,
      Rose GreetingჱܓSoundEagle🦅

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      • But it still slows my mobile phone and there are two things I don´t like considering web pages; two slow web page loading and two long posts to read…

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      • ❀ 🏡🌷🌹🌻 ❀

        Welcome again! SoundEagle🦅 realizes that you have a somewhat slow mobile phone, and that it takes a long time before a post or page on SoundEagle🦅’s website loads completely. SoundEagle🦅 can see how this could frustrate and inconvenience you or anybody. In addition, the slowness could also be partially caused by your slow Internet connection.

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        One of the main issues of using a mobile phone is that the screen is much too small for viewing highly interactive, intricately designed, technically complex, schematically oriented or content-laden websites.

        In the future, when you decide to upgrade or procure something to improve your Internet surfing experience, it would be much better to choose a desktop computer (which is cheaper and yet more extensible and durable) rather than a laptop computer or a tablet, unless portability is essential. It is also possible to acquire a secondhand computer quite economically.

        In addition, if you want your online surfing to be extra swift and smooth, then you or a computer technician can add more memory to your computer by inserting either an extra memory card or RAM chip(s). 16 Giga bytes of random access memory (RAM) would be nice to have, plus a fast central processor unit (CPU), and a speedy broadband connection of at least 100 Mega bits/sec or more, and a large, energy-efficient LED monitor.

        All the best! SoundEagle🦅 looks forward to your being geared up to soar as high and far as you wish at SoundEagle🦅’s high-octane websites sooner or later.Rose Greeting

        Yours sincerely,

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      • That would be all nice if I wasn’t homeless and unemployed, so I can not afford myself any better device, either because of lack of money and place to live. Also, I managed to destroy my new smartphone, so now Im using my old and slow, which is pretty iritating by itself. And I can use public desktop comps only one hour per day, so I dont have time to read posts so much.

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  4. Reblogged this on Libertas Nova and commented:
    …One the most interesting and unique “plant” poetry I have read in my life. At first I thought it will be something about horticulture system, but then I read this amazing poem, whic made me think about some things in life…

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  5. And talking about potted plants, it reminded me on one lovely small cactus that I had when I was a kid.

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  6. Nice 🌱🌿☘️

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